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From the very beginning of Novo's existence, a partnership was formed with our organization. The people at Novo contribute to the excellent performance of our safety groups by supporting our members with prevention, occupational injury management and actuarial services. Working with them has always been easy, as they adapt to our needs. They demonstrate innovation and professionalism while always being customer service-oriented. They listen to our concerns and those of our members. Novo is a high-performance, honest and dynamic company that is constantly striving for excellence. It's a pleasure to work with the entire team who serve the members of our safety groups.

Ian P. Sam Yue Chi


Novo is the partner of choice for our association. Working with professionals who are innovative and care about the well-being of their employees and their business is an invaluable resource for the Association de vitrerie et fenestration du Québec (AVFQ).

Gina Gaudreault

Executive Vice President | AVFQ

AFDICQ chose Novo as it’s partner in prevention since the very beginning of the company. We know that by choosing Novo, our members not only have access to high performing safety groups, but also to a proactive and professional team whose expertise is undeniable.

Virginie Cloutier


We have been working with Novo for several years and can confirm that their commitment to accident prevention and the promotion of occupational health and safety is exemplary. Their high level of professionalism and scope of the services they provide surpass our expectations.

Michel Bourbeau

Chariman | CCPQ

I’ve known the Novo team for many years. They are people of their word who are committed to helping you. They are specialists who understand the challenges of occupational health and safety. They are competent and dedicated people.

Pierre Caron


The welcome at Novo is exceptional! We immediately feel that this is a committed company, both to its customers and to its employees. Human Resources continuously oversees the integration, which reflects the company’s values and the importance that it places on its employees’ well-being. I'm really happy to be part of the Novo family!


Claims Management | Novo

This is my second stint at Novo as a Claims Management Advisor. The reasons for my return go beyond nostalgia and the emotional aspect. Besides the team, the atmosphere, the activities, the flexible working hours and many other aspects that I missed, there was a real motivation for the work itself. The company’s practices and values help create a healthy and stimulating work environment, thus enabling me to develop essential qualities in my professional career. Novo is a constantly-evolving company in which the well-being of its employees is paramount.


Claims Management | Novo

I had been with Juno Consulting Group since November 2018. In January 2020, I had the opportunity to join the Novo Claims Management team during the Juno acquisition. It was a challenging experience as, in addition to being part of a brand new team, the telecommuting began in March. However, by being part of the social committee and various committees within my team, I had the opportunity to interact with my colleagues and to find my place in the company. I can't wait to experience the continuity of my integration to see the full potential of the possibilities that await me!


Claims Management | Novo