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Pre-Employment Medical Questionnaire (PEMQ)

Better select new applicants or reassigned employees.

Innovation At Your Service

Preventing occupational injuries also involves properly selecting candidates. The pre-employment or on-the-job medical questionnaire can be processed within 3 hours to ensure that the people you select have the functional abilities to perform their tasks safely.

Novo is proud to offer an automated service to fulfill your requests.

Benefits of an Automated Service

  • You will be able to make your requests easily, by going directly to the Client Site.
  • The fully-automated service provides faster request processing (within 3 business hours from receipt of the worker-completed questionnaire).
  • You have access at any time to your history and to monitor the PEMQ processing directly in your Client Site.
  • Our new application also handles manual forms if your worker candidate does not have access to a computer.
  • In order to adapt the diversity of workers, your employee will be able to answer the questionnaire in three languages; English, French and Spanish.

Novo is committed to analyzing your pre-employment and existing employee medical questionnaire and making recommendations to you within three hours of receiving the completed questionnaire, signed by the candidate.

An Essential Tool for Selecting a Candidate

The pre-employment or existing employee medical questionnaire is an essential tool for selecting successful job applicants. It is an indispensable tool for human resources management in companies. This proven, effective method is valued by our clients and ensures:

  • A better selection of new applicants or reassigned employees.
  • A guarantee that your selected candidate doesn’t have functional limitations preventing them from carrying out the applicable job duties.
  • Tasks are completed optimally and safely.
  • Human resources management is facilitated by including the questionnaire in your hiring process.

Upon receipt of the worker-completed questionnaire, Novo will:

  • Analyze and submit written recommendations within 3 business hours after receipt.
  • Assist, upon request, if there are any identified feature limitations, in the selection and implementation of various solutions as recommended in our follow-up plan.
  • Treat any information received according to the strictest confidentiality rules.

Recommendations Follow Up Plan

If functional limitations are identified following an analysis of the pre-employment and existing employee medical questionnaire, we will contact you to offer our employment support services.*

Preparing a request for medical expertise
Supporting implementation of the recommendations
*These services are extra and fees may apply.

Pre-Employment Medical Questionnaire (PEMQ)

Everything you need to know about our automated medical questionnaire.

We have been business partners with Novo SST since 2003, and we’re very satisfied with its actuarial and claims management services. The support it provides us on legal and medical matters is greatly appreciated by our team. Through its prevention coaching, we ensure that our OHS knowledge is kept up-to-date. It is easy to interact with senior management, and our members benefit from substantial savings through their grouping.

Denis Roy

Director of Finance and Technology | Union des producteurs agricoles (UPA)