Health and Well-Being

Novo cares about health and well-being in the workplace and provides solutions to foster healthy lifestyles and motivate employees to adopt changes that promote their well-being at work.


Be Healthy® is a web and mobile app made to promote healthy lifestyle habits in workplace. Stand out as an employer with this tool that promotes health and well-being at work. Plan organizational activities and team challenges in just a few clicks!

The app is designed to help employees be more active, eat better and find tools to manage their stress. In short, Be Healthy® aims to instill a healthy lifestyle in employees and to help them better take care of themselves. Thereby, individuals with an inactive lifestyle can still participate and enjoy it!


The Be Healthy® app requires an annual subscription. Get up to a 33% discount if you’re already a safety group client with Novo.

Wellness in the workplace is an important and growing subject. However, it is difficult to know where to begin. The Be Healthy app creates a ripple effect in people, whether they are active or not. This app makes it possible to adapt to people’s physical limitations and this is very important to me. I don't feel left out or forgotten; I feel the same motivation to move throughout my recovery.


Marketing Communications | Novo

For me, the Be Healthy application is a must in any business to promote good lifestyles. Being rewarded helps me maintain excellent motivation at all times and, in addition, with my health dollars, I was able to buy new hockey skates and hiking boots so that I could enjoy my favourite activities.


Director of Administration | Novo